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Horseback Riding in Yellowstone

A machine will show folks the man made things, but if people want to see God's own country, they've got to get a horse under them. In spite of gasoline, the biggest part of the Rocky Mountains belongs to God. - C. M. Russell

As you visit Yellowstone National Park , there is no better way to take in the clear blue skies, its gentle rise and fall of the picturesque landscape dotted with yellow, purple and magenta flowers, and to experience the land as its original inhabitants did, than by horseback riding trails. And, with so many acres of backcountry and miles of trails, you will need (itís required) to have a guide to make your adventure all it can be. Trails range from easy one hour rides to moderately difficult rides that can last several days. Along the way, you will see waterfowl, gently rolling meadows of wildflowers, sagebrush hilltops, large game and birds. You can pitch your tent out under the stars, and sit around the campfire and hear stories about those who have been there before.

While there are many miles of trails to explore, here are just a few suggestions

The Lost Lake Trail is a moderately strenuous 4 mile loop trail that begins at the Roosevelt house and continues toward the Tower Falls and then passes by the Petrified Forest.

The Pebble Creek to Slough Creek Trail is one greatly enjoyed by fishermen. You can camp by the water and fish as you bask in the beautiful sights of Yellowstone.

To experience Yellowstone like the adventurers and explorers of bygone days, contact an outfitter about a riding trip to the South Boundary / Thorofare County. The secluded acres here are 33 miles from the road in any direction and one of the most isolated areas in the lower 48 states. As you roam the region, your guides will be able to share stories about the poachers who hunted the area and the rangers who apprehended them.

If you love to view the countryside through the lens of a camera, then you need to sign up for a trip to the northwest corner of Yellowstone or the Bechler River Country. The wide open skies and bold colors of spring and autumn are the perfect backdrop for photos of elk, wolves and other wildlife.

Area Outfitters:

  • Bighorn Mountain Adventures-307.587.2676
  • Boulder Basin Outfitters-307.587.3404
  • Greater Yellowstone Expeditions-307.733.2425
  • Hidden Basin Outfitters-307.733.7980
  • Indian Creek Outfitters-307.733.9207
  • Press Stephens Outfitters-307.455-3265
  • Taylor Outfitters-307.455-2161
  • Wyoming Photo Tours-307.250.0043

Photo Credits: Horse Photos by Jaci Berkopec